About Hangtung Electronic Technology

HangTung Electronics (HTE) is a specialist in electronic transformer supplies, switching Adapter, power Adapter, high frequency transformer, power transformer with high-performance. For more than 20 years of industrial experience, HTE is fully capable of providing high-quality switching power supply, switching power Adapter and transformer for networking, telecommunication, medical applications, power supply. In recent years, HangTung's transformer, switching power supply is widely applied in the LCD-TV industry. In addition, they also offer a design service in order to meet special application requirements from their customers.

High Frequency Transformer

High frequency transformer, wide rang of working voltage and high output power, be used in switching supplies, computers, LED, Medical power, electrical appliance.

Low Frequency Transformer

With wide range of transformer and coils use in power supplier, lighting products, television, monitors, and home appliances.

Switching Power Supply

HT Switching Power Supply has been developing switching power supply for networking companies to achieve their demanding requirement.

Switching Adaptor

HT switching power adaptor, power mode AC/DC adaptor, switching adaptor with different kind of output choices. Output power from 12W-120W. .